How to Make All-Natural Body Scrub

Written by | Posted on May 7, 2020| Health


Turn your regular bath or shower into the ultimate spa-like experience with an all-natural body scrub. Making your own body scrub is easy, affordable and allows you to have complete control over ingredients like organic oils and natural scents. Continue Reading

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Written by | Posted on April 28, 2020| Expert Series, Food, Health


When it comes to looking younger, feeling healthier, and even living longer, there’s no secret – it’s as simple as choosing a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and drinking plenty of water. Continue Reading

The Health Benefits of Garlic*

Written by | Posted on April 22, 2020| Food, Health

Flavour is just one of the amazing benefits of eating garlic. By including it in your meals and consuming it in concentrated supplement form, you’ll also be rewarded with the many health benefits. Continue Reading