people, planet, profit – is the foundation of Webber Naturals.

We strive to make a smaller environmental footprint by making changes that reduce waste and carbon emissions, conserve energy and water, pursue sustainability certification for our products, and support local and global communities.

We’re proud to share some of the ways that show our commitment to producing superior natural health products, while operating as good stewards of the Earth.

Products Rooted in the Best Raw Materials

Whether grown on our own farms or carefully sourced worldwide, we start with the best raw materials available. Our array of organic products, including certified organic Cold Milled Ground Flaxseed and Organic Oregano Oil, are a testament to this philosophy.

Softgel Waste Not Wasted

Leftover softgel waste is resold for non-food applications (e.g., the adhesive manufacturing industries).

As a result, we diverted approximately 150 tons of waste from the landfill in one year alone.

Converting Manufacturing Waste

Organic manufacturing waste is no longer incinerated, but converted into CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified animal feed and organic soil. Packaging waste is collected and converted into drink trays.

Global Community Donations

We have a long-standing tradition of donating product for medical teams consisting of students, doctors, and nurses to take on their trips and administer aid in rural clinics and homes in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Nicaragua.

Marine Stewardship

All Webber Naturals fish oils are IVO™ certified. We’ve partnered with IVO to support marine diversification, regulated fishing, by-catch prevention, habitat protection, and pollution prevention. Our Krill Oil is also certified by Friends of the Sea® to guarantee that it was sustainably and responsibly harvested by regulated fleets.

Tackling Food Security

We are proud supporters of organizations that tackle the challenge of food security on a local and global level. In 2016, Quest Food Exchange recognized our company as their Most Valuable Partner for our commitment to providing dignified access to vitamins to individuals facing hardship in our local community.

Switching Paper to Reduce Emissions

By switching to agri-based Wheat Sheet™ and Sugar Sheet™ products comprised of 30% recycled content, we reduce the emissions generated by office paper use by approximately 40%.

Climate Smart Certified Business

Partnered with Climate Smart helps us to chart a course that ensures we’ll continue to thrive as a company and deliver on our community and environmental commitments.

Want to see how we’re doing? View the Climate Smart case study on WN Pharmaceuticals practices.